Energy & Chemicals

Crude oil

We are proud to be able to offer various grades of crude from around the world, as we source crude from 3 continents and can meet almost any API and sulfur your intended refinery requires. The data sheet of a grade of Libyan crude has been provided below, but we are also able to offer various other grades.

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We are proud to be a leading company in the export and trading of thermal and coking coal.

We operate in the most important mines around the world to guarantee our customers get the quantities and quality of coal they require.

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Nama Enterprise trades both refrigerated and pressurized LPG with various propane/butane ratios. A specification for refrigerated butane has been included below, but we have a number of other grades of propane, butane, and propane-butane mixes avaliable. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll work out a quote for you.

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Nama has a close relationship with producers of LAB. We can supply LAB in both flexitanks and via vessels. Through working closely in the LAB supply chain, we can also meet any requirement for LABSA also. The specifications of the grade of LAB we mostly work with has been provided below. For LABSA, feel free to get in touch with us.


Wood pellets are generally used for residential and commercial heating. generation. Our wood pellets are made from sustainably obtained pine without any additives. Our pellets are considered to be the highest possible grade. Our pellets do not slag or form cakes.

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As we want to be a part of energy transformation, Nama Enterprise trades and works to incorporate a new form of energy, methanol.

Methanol is a clean energy resource used to fuel cars, trucks, buses, ships…


We are specialized in trading and transportation of energy commodities around the world as crude.

We acquire customised market information for each client profile alongside live updates on the

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Recycled MEG

We offer recycled MEG, generally used for antifreeze.

Recycled PET

We are able to source both texile and bottle grade recycled PET, at various IV points. Generally, the pellets we offer are dyed black.