We make trade happen.

Our mission is to make trade happen in a responsible way. By providing high quality products, we add vision and value to your business, with tailor-made risk management solutions, smart logistics services and real-time market analysis

We source, store, sell, ship and distribute agricultural products including coffee, sugar, animal feed plus energy resources such as methanol, coal and crude oil.

We deliver physical commodities anywhere in the world reliably and responsibly. We trade those products around the world. We can also process and brand them for the supermarket shelves and for industrial customers. We set up infrastructure, spread skills and use our global network to move merchandise to places where they are most needed.

Our second mission is also to help our customers manage pricing risk, through financial products. We execute orders for hedge funds and professional traders acting as a broker. We connect our clients to the global economy to help provide the world with the vital resources it needs.


Our speciality is our quality service and performance across the whole supply chain.

We succeed by adding value to the global trade in natural resources and enhancing links between producers and end-users. In addition, we build strong relationships between clients and producers to ensure the supply chains are more efficient, secure and sustainable.

We connect communities around the world and build a global trading operation. As we embrace more of the agricultural chain, we are processing and transforming crops into finished products.

We can say we act as a broker, executing orders for hedge funds and professional traders and optimize supply chains plus balance supply and demand. We build long-term value with our clients in fast-changing markets which shows our ability to be competitive and successful.



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