Sugar Trading

We have been trading sugar for many years and we have built strong relationships with our partners and sugar producers all across the world, providing high quality raw and white sugar.

Our long-term partnership with producers allows us to provide traceable and a reliable sugar supply.

As we anticipate the needs of our producers regardless of economic changes, this allows us to be competitive and attractively priced for our customers.


Agro trade

Coffee Trading

We are the link between the largest major coffee producers as well as smaller farms.

We supply through an efficient and cost-effective logistics system.

We are working hard to be the best partner and to keep our customers and suppliers satisfied by our sustainable production techniques.

We source directly from origin and have in-country operations in all main producing countries.


Agro trade

Olive oil Trading

For two years, Nama Enterprise source olive oil from farmers in Greece, Tunisia and Italy.

We are the bridge between local producers and refineries.

We trade and supply the best olive oils at competitive prices.

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NAMA Enterprise is synonymous with providing our cherished customers the highest quality chicken feet.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence compels us to seek out the finest sources across the globe.

We are delighted to introduce our exclusive line of premium chicken feet products, each meticulously selected from Greece, Egypt, and Belarus.

These selections are curated to satisfy the discerning palates of South East Asia, Hong Kong, and China, reflecting our commitment to culinary perfection.



Agro trade


Dairy products and proteins derived from dairy products play an essential role in our diet.

This is why we are committed to offering quality products with specifications to meet your requirements.

Our product range covers all needs, such as liquid milk, cheese, cream, condensed milk…

We also offer a wide choice of packaging and will schedule your delivery timescales.



Animal Feed

Animal Feed

We are animal nutrition solutions specialists. We deliver the best innovative solutions and the best products to enable you to be successful.

We provide animal feeds such as molasses, seeds, aquatic feeds. Our partnerships with a wide range of farmers offer you a wide variety of animal feed products.

Collaborating with us means that you enable us to offer the best way to maximize a better nutrition for maximum yield.