Whey is?

Whey contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. But above all, it is the best in terms of quality because it is particularly rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA).

It naturally contains lactose, but undergoes filtering which separates the molecules to keep only a small part. It is then dried before being transformed into powder.


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Whey Protein Concentrate

Depending on the type, the fat and carbohydrate content may vary. Whey concentrate is the most used and has a protein content of around 60 to 80% in general, compared to around 20% in meat for example.

The fact that it contains a little lactose allows it to be creamier and smoother once mixed with water, and therefore more pleasant to drink.

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey isolate are also derived from whey but have undergone even greater filtering to eliminate almost all lactose, sugars and fats. After a few years of practice or to achieve a very specific objective, it may be useful to go for a product that does not contain any trace of lactose, carbohydrates or lipids. Whey protein isolate is neither more nor less than better filtered and more concentrated whey protein (90%).

Instant Filled
Fat Milk Powder

Fat-filled milk powder instant is an excellent full cream milk powder substitute and milk – fat application base in the manufacture of ice cream, milk beverages, analogue cheese. It can be used successfully in bakery, confectionary and food concentrate industries.

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