Why We Do It

We make sure our customers still can do business despite the uncertainty of the economy in the world by providing high levels of risk management and security.
For example, we teach our farmers agricultural techniques that will keep their land productive for future generations. In this sustainable way we can protect our customers from major price changes using hedging and futures tools.

How We Do It

We make business a personal relationship working in partnership with you using our world trading expertise and experience.

We are an ethical business with human rights considered at the highest level.


Our approach

Health, safety, environment, community and human rights are at the heart of your priorities.

Environmental management

We are committed to protect the environment and to play our part in the energy transitionto low-carbon and zero-carbon sources. Safety, environment, community and human rights are our priorities. We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint.

Energy transition

The world is in a transformational phase to be a more sustainable energy saver. Nama Enterprise is well placed to be a part of this transformation. Engagement and transparency is key.

Engagement and transparency

These two sides of the same coin. Constructive engagement with stakeholders helps us understand what matters most to those around us. More transparency helps us contextualise our activities and show how they serve wider social needs.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact by minimising our global resource use and waste.

Using energy and water

We will use less energy, fuel and water
in our production facilities.

Our carbon footprint

We will make constant reductions
we will track, analyse our energy
use and CO2 emissions.
We publish our carbon footprint
data each year.

Managing waste

We monitor and work
to reduce all types of waste as a part
of our sustainability reporting.
Our assets do not generate any waste
categorised as ‘hazardous’.